Thursday, June 26, 2014

si inca o meditatie utila:


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  2. It is this recuperating system that tells its specialists that all individuals are one; and that genuine illumination implies disposing of such human divisions as race, age, religious association or convictions, and skin shading. At last, it is this curs karuna reiki that shows its adherents that Karuna reiki ought to be finished with affection and in addition with knowledge.

    1. no, this is not karuna, it's veritas. inspired by Archangel Metatron -has 6 lvls; for each lvl, 1 symbol was provided by someone (first one, that connects to Metatron, was channeled by a friend while she was doing reiki 1 attunement for me), 1 by myself, and 1 symbol cooperating with others. there are also divination cards, Veritas cards, cand find them on . the method of placing cards is related to each veritas lvl: 1. answers, the essence, meaning; 2. past; 3. present; 4. angel guidance; 5. future; 6. divine design. the meditations i uploaded online are recorded at my reiki seminar, when i was teaching the others how to connect to all lightworkers, to improve or repair their atunements, to find help / healing etc. if you are interested in learning, let me know :)